At SapienHR we work hard to match each and every candidate with their ideal position and help build their career. So every time we place a candidate in a rewarding and fulfilling position we’re happy and they’re happy too. We’d like to extend that happiness to you through our referral programme. This programme recognises and rewards the role you have to play in helping us place candidates in their ideal position.

For every new person you recommend and which SapienHR places, we will reward you with vouchers/coupons worth up to ₹ 5000/- (after successful completion of 3 months work). There’s no limit to the amount of friends you can refer.

Your Details

Referred Candidate Details

I agree that I will only be eligible once I have followed the process of completing the form on our website. I agree that if a candidate that I refer has not completed the minimum 3 months of work that I will not be entitled to any rewards. I agree that when there is more than one referee, it is the referral that leads to a placement that will be rewarded.
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